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Phortas Joins EU-X-CT Initiative: Pioneering Cross-Border Clinical Trials

Phortas has joined EU-X-CT: An initiative that seeks to enable and facilitate cross-border access to clinical trials for patients in Europe and make it easier for clinical investigators to enrol patients from other European countries in their clinical trials.

Phortas recognizes the pivotal role of strategic collaboration in driving substantive change. By aligning with EU-X-CT, we are not merely signaling intent – we are actively mobilizing to empower patients, streamline processes, and augment transparency throughout the European clinical trial arena.

Together, we embark on a transformative journey, transcending conventional boundaries and challenging entrenched norms. Join us as we navigate toward a future where cross-border clinical trial engagement in Europe evolves from aspiration to seamless and inclusive reality.

Watch this space for forthcoming updates as we collectively endeavor to cultivate a more equitable and accessible clinical trial landscape. In unity, our potential knows no bounds!

Visit EU-X-CT website for more information: EU-X-CT - Borders Should no Longer be Barriers


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